Obsidian Night

Castle Grounds

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The castle itself is an immense structure made of obsidian with veins of tiger's eye running through the stone. This makes it look like an odd form of marble at night, and the tiger's eye makes it sparkle during the day. The walls are also made of obsidian and tiger's eye, with a gate octagonal in shape. The gate is made if the same stone and is covered in a series of runes. One empty spot on the gate is the place for the key rune. Anyone who knows this rune may open the gate, however the gate is almost always left open during the day. Upon entering the gates, one is surrounded by gardens with many exotic plants, fountains made of many different metals and types of stone and unique designs, and statues of many mythical (or not so mythical) creatures. Brightly colored birds make the garden their home. There are stone benches and wicker chairs placed in various places around the garden, most in scenic spots, other in romantic little hideaways. After passing the gardens, one comes upon the castle. The doors are made of dark wood and beyond them lies the great hall. The hall is lavishly decorated with many different paintings, statues, tapestries, and weapons, and even a fountain. One can go in many directions from the great hall. The kitchen, library, parlor, and gym are all on the main floor and not too far from the hall. Beyond that are the guests' quarters. It's hard to say how many floors the castle is, for it changes to accommodate its residents.
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Castle Grounds

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